Pop'n Music 16 songlist update

[New Rave Pop] Run to You
Sota Fujimori feat. Rena
BPM 140 | 16/26/36 | Judy
Sota Fujimori sends you a futuristic dance pop! The body of his sound is comprised of ravey synth.

[Cheer Para] 3-2-1→Smile!
BPM 142 | 17-26-36 | Satou-san
Get Set! Come and reveal your energy! With utmost effort, Parquets sends this song of help to you.

[Café Party] Euro Piccola
BPM 128 | 18/26/32 | IZUMI-san
The mood: a rather stylish café lounge. Take it easy and please relax♪

[Minimal Fusion] Tenchisouzou (trans. "Creation")
BPM 110 | 18/27/33 | elemen's
A mosaic comprised of many small melodies. Having comprised the body out of micro-sound, let the origins of your memory awaken!

[False Marchen] Mizu-Umi no Kioku (trans. "Memories of the Lake")
BPM 145-220 | 23/30/38 | Rosalie
On the crashing white-and-black waves, your figure is reflected. That's where the memories of the lake are created and spread out...

[Mood Techno] Jyanai < No. 1 (trans. "Pure Love < No. 1")
Ueno Keiichirou to Eiichi
BPM 135-145 | 18/25/34 | Romeo (e.g. pop'n music 10)
Transient, yet nice. The truth is that he's the No. 1 man offering love - there, there, there, there, there! I'll take a bottle [of alcohol], please~!

[Girls' Alternative] Akashi (trans. "Proof")
Abe Yasuhiro feat. Moria Motoko?
BPM 175 | 20/29/38 | Lena
There isn't a response quite like this - because your reply was to walk down the &#12300;street&#12301;.

[Contemporary Nation 3] Echoes
Nekomata Master
BPM 150 | 19/33/40 | Yima
And so, music was born. The continents, as they move 'round the earth, create echoes; before long, they will quietly disappear.

[Chip Pop] Effect
BPM 138 | 21/29/35 | Chip
This streak of light ties together a pair of sounds. What kind of effect is made from this?

[Popcorn Party] Microwave Popcorn
Mr. T
BPM 240 | 22/31/39 | pop-con
Welcome to the party. We've got corn that can snap and pop, anytime and anywhere to make popcorn!

[Shoegazer] Glaring radiokids
BPM 196 | 22/37/41 | Edda
The raging feedback of noise is actually suitable. This violent emotion of past shame strums an illusion of rock.

[Aquarion] Sousei no Aquarion
BPM 066-151 | 17/24/29 | Ia-Ramse

[Konayuki] Konayuki
????? | Original Artist: Remio Romen
BPM 082 | 13/21/27 | Edda

[Climax Jump] Climax Jump pop'nform
Narise Shuuhei?
BPM 170 | 17/26/34 | Nyami (ver. pop'n 10)

[Naniwakko Boogie] Konamonya Ninjyou Uta (trans. "Konamonya Sympathy Song")
Tenga Chayako
BPM 186 | 27/31/39 | Ta-ko

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